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Sliding door | Exotic woods

Sliding doors are very space-saving and very popular. Therefore, doors come in many varieties, colors and even sizes. There is also a clear difference in the type of mounting, which will certainly have a big impact on the purchase decision. Sliding doors are particularly suitable for the transition between the house and the garden, but doors are also increasingly used in the interior. The applications for this type of sliding doors are almost limitless. They separate the living area from the terrace and can also be used as room dividers in the living room for a refined look. But they can also be used as hinged doors or cabinet doors. We at Rosa Fenster GmbH manufacture the wooden sliding doors at our premises in Busswil near Lyss. Our products made from exotic woods such as Teak is especially suitable for existing buildings or new construction projects. Teak is one of the longest known woods in Asia. As a medium-weight wood, its strength properties are very similar to oak. In general, teak is very easy to work with and gives smooth and fine surfaces and edges.

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