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Plastic vs. wooden windows


Plastic or wooden windows? Which is the better choice? Are you about to replace the windows on your home? Are you building your own home and need to decide on windows? If so, you’ve probably thought about what material to use for your new windows.

Especially in view of rising energy prices, the question of materials is more topical than ever. First of all, it should be said that both materials can ensure a good seal. Of course, good insulation also means lower heating costs, which is why replacing windows is becoming an increasingly lucrative proposition.

Plastic as well as wood can have advantages but also disadvantages and it cannot be said in principle that one material is better or worse than the other. Because it depends on the circumstances and personal preferences:

The service life of both materials is the same at approx. 40 years. But if you look at the choice of material from an environmental point of view, you clearly have to go for the wood. Because, unlike plastic, the natural raw material represents a much lower CO₂ balance. This is especially true for production as well as recycling, should the window ever no longer be needed.

Even if the production of wooden windows is more climate-friendly, it causes significantly higher costs than the production of plastic windows, which is very cost-effective. So in terms of price, the plastic has the edge. Plastic also outperforms wood in terms of maintenance. Because wood needs regular refinishing to look beautiful. With plastic, however, you should keep in mind that the colors can fade over time.

Wood requires maintenance from time to time, but it is a good thermal insulation and provides a pleasant room temperature due to the natural material. Unlike plastic, wood is breathable and adapts better to climatic conditions and the environment. One of the main advantages of this good thermal insulation is that it allows you to save quite a bit on heating costs.

As you can see, there is no clear winner or loser here. The choice of a material must be made according to personal needs. In addition to design and the price effort, of course, the insulation value should play a major role in the decision.

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